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Browning Buckmark Review

As is the case with many handguns, the Browning Buckmark has many models to choose from. Although they vary in price and features, they all shoot "relatively" the same; and that is good!

Browning Buckmark Pistol I purchased the Buckmark plus with the rosewood grips and the slab side barrel. When I bought it, the intent was not to be able to write a pistol review, it was purely a personal choice: One that I have no regrets about. Another picture and some details are available here. Ok.. Here we go....

The Good

  • Accurate: This is a pistol made for target shooting! For the price, you can't beat it. Smooth, accurate with very little muzzle flip so you can keep on your mark.

  • Reliable: As is the case with most Browning firearms, this gun is top notch when it comes to reliability. Granted, I can be a little obsessive when it comes to keeping my pistols clean, but this gun has yet to jam or mis-feed. I mean "come on! It's a browning"!
  • Great Feel: Now, I don't have the biggest hands in the world, but no matter what size hands you have, I think this pistol will just fit. It feels great in my hands and seems to have plenty of "room" for the bigger handed individual and it just fits really well. A comfortable, good feeling handgun will aid in your accuracy. After all, isn't that what we want?
  • Looks: Subjective I know! I try and stay away from the subjective topics. What might look great to one, might look awful to another. I, however, absolutely love how this pistol looks.

The Bad

  • Price: It's no secret, you pay for the Browning name. The Browning Buckmark is no exception. With tax and everything, I paid $424.00 for mine. That's really not too bad for a pistol of this quality, but if you don't shop around and end up paying retail, you can hit $500 pretty easily.
  • Ammo Sensitive?: If one is going to do handgun reviews, they have to share all the facts. This is one of those cases where I'm hesitant to share this because I TRULY don't believe this is an issue with the Browning, rather the ammunition. I have no clue how many different brands of ammunition I have fired through this gun. All of them, save one, have performed flawlessly. For some reason, the combination of "my" Browning Buckmark and the "Remington Golden Bullet .22" ammunition do not play nice together. I had no less than 3 "click no bangs" in 100 rounds of that ammo I fired through this pistol. I checked each bullet and there was a very nice strike right on the rim of the shell. I can't explain it, but I wanted to mention it.

The Ugly

  • Not a thing!

Overall Rating

  • 4.5 out of 5


Writing handgun reviews is a blast, this pistol makes this one even more fun! If you are looking for a nice, quality, fun shooting target pistol, this is a quality choice. It is no secret Browning makes quality products but you do have to pay for that quality. I have no doubt this gun will last a lifetime with the proper care and storage. If it wasn't for the issue I had with the "Golden Bullets", this pistol would be rated a 5 out of 5. If you don't need the wooden grips and the fiber optics sights, you can pick up a Browning Buckmark for around $350(or less) before tax.

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